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Originally Posted by Geoff Waddington View Post
Must admit, I've lost this idea, what is to be accomplished here again ?
Being able to use the modifiers to adjust related setting in that Zone without having to GoZone here there and everywhere,

So EQ example you have Q then Shift+ gives you control of shape(Bell notch etc) option+ gives you control of Slope

Otherwise it's a different zone or 2 for a small change on possibly one band.

The reason to have it available on sub zones is that I could have bands ABC 1-4, 5-8, rather than using up all 8 rotarys for EQ I could now "ZONE" the surface so Compression could be on 5-6 ABC,

In the same way your Console1 multi shows.

For someone with maybe only 4 controls,(like nanos or the pan controls) they could have 4 band Freq as default, Shift+ gain, Option+ Q for the 4 bands with it always returning to Freq when they take their finger off a modifier.
Much faster than GoZone-ing and you're always back to a know place.

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