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Originally Posted by MixMonkey View Post
Being able to re-use modifiers with SubZones. So a Shift definition, say, in the first FX SubZone, say, is different to the the Shift definition in the main FX Zone.
Essentially means each FX SubZone gets a full compliment of modifier possibilities.
Ahhh, finally go it !

So, let's try this first and see if we run out of gas:

The classic EQ mapping requires Shift and Control, plus unshifted.

Let's give ourselves one more -- Shift+Control -- Ok hope that's enough.

Now we usually only need about 2 - 3 sub Zones

Let's use Option and Alt for those jobs:

Option = subZone1
Alt = subZone2
Option+Alt = subZone3

So for Zone we have:

/ Main Zone
someButton someAction
Shift+someButton anotherAction
Control+somebutton yetAnotherAction
Shift+Control+someButton yetAgainAnotherAction

/Sub Zone 1
Option+someButton someAction1
Option+Shift+someButton anotherAction1
Option+Control+somebutton yetAnotherAction1
Option+Shift+Control+someButton yetAgainAnotherAction1
/Sub Zone 2
Alt+someButton someAction2
Alt+Shift+someButton anotherAction2
Alt+Control+somebutton yetAnotherAction2
Alt+Shift+Control+someButton yetAgainAnotherAction2
/Sub Zone 3
Option+Alt+someButton someAction3
Option+Alt+Shift+someButton anotherAction3
Option+Alt+Control+somebutton yetAnotherAction3
Option+Alt+Shift+Control+someButton yetAgainAnotherAction3

Is that enough for reasonable use cases ?

Don't forget we now have latching, which makes this approach MUCH more feasible.
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