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Originally Posted by Geoff Waddington View Post
Ahhh, finally go it !

So, let's try this first and see if we run out of gas:

The classic EQ mapping requires Shift and Control, plus unshifted.

Let's give ourselves one more -- Shift+Control -- Ok hope that's enough.

Now we usually only need about 2 - 3 sub Zones

Let's use Option and Alt for those jobs:

Option = subZone1
Alt = subZone2
Option+Alt = subZone3

So for Zone we have:

/ Main Zone
someButton someAction
Shift+someButton anotherAction
Control+somebutton yetAnotherAction
Shift+Control+someButton yetAgainAnotherAction

/Sub Zone 1
Option+someButton someAction1
Option+Shift+someButton anotherAction1
Option+Control+somebutton yetAnotherAction1
Option+Shift+Control+someButton yetAgainAnotherAction1
/Sub Zone 2
Alt+someButton someAction2
Alt+Shift+someButton anotherAction2
Alt+Control+somebutton yetAnotherAction2
Alt+Shift+Control+someButton yetAgainAnotherAction2
/Sub Zone 3
Option+Alt+someButton someAction3
Option+Alt+Shift+someButton anotherAction3
Option+Alt+Control+somebutton yetAnotherAction3
Option+Alt+Shift+Control+someButton yetAgainAnotherAction3

Is that enough for reasonable use cases ?

Don't forget we now have latching, which makes this approach MUCH more feasible.
Honestly that sounds awful.

I'd sooner do without than go thru all that.

It's taking the logic of doing the same action to get the same results and throwing it out the window, with if you're on this zone do this but on that zone do the other, to get the same result.

Might as well just use GoZones and deal with the warren maze, and uncertainty they'll create.

Why can CSI not see the modifiers in each sub zone as what is defined in that subzone? when it sees every other definition as different?

The premise obviously works in Slot 1, so what needs to be righted for it to work in any slot.

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