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Originally Posted by Geoff Waddington View Post
Very cool !

I think this should work too, if you don't mind please try it and let me know...

Zone FXMenu|1-8
		DisplayUpperD| FXNameDisplay |
		DisplayLowerD| NoAction
		RotaryD NoAction
/		RotaryPushD| GoFXSlot |
		RotaryPushD| Reaper _S&M_SHOWFXCHAIN|
Sorry to butt in here, but can I clarify the FXMenu thing? I saw it mentioned earlier and assumed it was something for people with fancy controllers with screens. But based on this I'm thinking it's more of a convention where you have a zone (the FXMenu) where you map widgets to individual track FX slots (using the iterator/track number syntax) so you can jump straight to the FX zone you want. That would mean GoFXSlot is a way to say "map this specific FX to its zone"?

Is that right, or have I missed the point?
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