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Default Roland TD3 > Addictive Drums Mapper

Hi there,

Here are some JS files made for use with the Roland TD3 and Addictive Drums. Just insert TD3-KickSnareHHToms-AddictiveDrums and TD3-Cymbals-AddictiveDrums before Addictive Drums and you are done : )

Foreach TD3 input, you can easily select which AD output you want to use. The ride bell is working, and tom rimshots can be dynamicly fired if needed (not available on the TD3).

I had to make 2 files, one for Kick, Snare, HH, Toms, and another one for the cymbals because only 16 JS Sliders are allowed in one file (23 total).

In the extended versions, each TD3 event can be mapped to any AD key, but I had to make shorter versions because the extended ones were causing some audio glitches on each load (at least on my comp), which is quite annoying. The JS engine doesn't like sliders with a bunch of labels... I'd have like to dynamicly generate the labels instead of copy/pasting everything, but I don't know if it's possible with JS.
Anyway, stick with the normal versions unless you need some weird routing.

The files can be easily modified to be used with a TD6 or anything else.

Have fun

EDIT : because both files must be loaded, and both are catching midi events, the second one may override the job done by the first file. Stick with the standard ones TD3-Cymbals-AddictiveDrums and TD3-KickSnareHHToms-AddictiveDrums (in that order !) for a painless experience
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File Type: txt TD3-Cymbals-AddictiveDrums-Extended.txt (9.1 KB, 1258 views)
File Type: txt TD3-KickSnareHHToms-AddictiveDrums.txt (3.6 KB, 1238 views)
File Type: txt TD3-KickSnareHHToms-AddictiveDrums-Extended.txt (10.2 KB, 1064 views)

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