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Default Audio Analysis

James HE

Multi-receive spectrum analyzer

JS-multifreaq is a tool that lets you see your mixing problems. You insert it into a track with up to 14 channels and route the tracks you want to observe instant frequency distributions of to the channels 1/2, 3/4... etc. For example: bass drum is sent to 1/2 and the bass to 3/4... and lead vocal to 5/6... in this case (if you only have 6 channels on the track) you'll see 3 different spectrums for each source.

Liteon's JS plugins pack

VUMeterGFX / VUMeterGFXSum (vumetergfx/vumetergfxsum)
- Vintage-style VU meter with response and release controls. Uses the GFX section to draw all graphics in real-time. Summed (L+R) and stereo versions.
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