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Default Synths


* Waveform design with variable harmonic width
* Filter (2nd-order lowpass) with envelope
* LFO (can modulate filters, note freq/amp, or other LFOs)
* MIDI Controllers (can modulate filters, note freq/amp, LFOs)

a brand new JS Synthesizer and More



syn_binauralbeats, as the name says, binaural beats, brainwave synchronization, alpha waves...
syn_kick, very simple kick drum synth, ala/inspired by the ones in FL and lmms.
syn_plucked, plucked string synth, karplus strong, waveguide, ...
syn_reatalker, speech/phoneme synth, shaping up, but more work to do here

Liteon's JS plugins pack

* LorenzAttractor (lorenzattractor) - Synthesizer based on Lorenz Attractor formulas. Has two oscillators: one sine wave, one square wave. There are various parameters that control both the sound and the plotted graphics. Can be used to produce ambient sounds.
* Pink Noise Generator (filename: pinknoisegen)


* generates sine, noise or square wave based on triggered by track input
* gate has attack/release
* wet/dry mix
* noise and square wave can be low-pass filtered
* dynamic pitch
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