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Default MIDI Message Converters

CME UF keyboards - control surface expander

This FX maps ALL incoming MIDI-channels to one output MIDI-channel, at the same time mapping each CC-7 message (from each incoming channel for the two banks set as 'mixer controls') to a different CC-message. You can set the output CC-message for each of the incoming volume-faders.

convert MIDI CC to Envelope Automation

A kind of hacker* VST plug that routes incoming MIDI events to Reaper's control path and/or to the standard MIDI path. The VST uses Reaper's extension API for that and thus is only intended to be used with Reaper.

Use case examples:
  • enabling automations only for some MIDI inputs and for some MIDI msg types
  • easier learn (i.e. filter channel + type of MIDI message)
  • combined other MIDI FXs, you can now process events before sending them to the control path, example: routing all CC4 to a given channel, so that it triggers the same action whatever is its original channel.
  • FX params driven at "play time" through recorded MIDI items
  • Complex/conditional FX control through JS effects (generating the CC events).
  • One of my use cases: reaDelay length live control according to the e-drummer's beat (live = no metronome)

convert Envelope Automation to MIDI Expression

To automate the modwheel (CC#1) from an automation envelope. Selecting "CC A Value" will automate the Modwheel, "AT Value" will automate the channel pressure/aftertouch, and "PB value" will automate pitch bend.

a brand new JS Synthesizer and More (MIDI Tool)


Detect play speed of MIDI notes

A JS script that allows you to detect the speed of a MIDI performance, either a live performance or upon playback. Also, the JS would toggle between MIDI channels based on performance speed.
It detects the length of notes, and outputs a MIDI controller from 0 to 127 based on ‘percentage’ of maximum length.

MIDI VeloCurve

13 sliders to adjust velocity response.
Meter Input and Output
Also Preset Lib to Import for various curves

MIDI CC-to-CC Remapper
Chris Tessmer

In the example above, all CC73 messages (on any channel) are translated into CC75 messages. This is handy for building FX chains and Templates for synths like Magnus Choir that use hard-coded and non-standard CC implementations. Now I can use the same knobs on my CME UF80 for every synth I own.

MIDI Modwheel to CC

Learn Input CC
Move Min and Max of the Input control. If the Min is Higher than Max the Slider is reversed. The ratio of the input is converted so the full range of the slider is still available, just the value of the output is changed. This means on my spring loaded Mod Wheel, It can be set to spring back to any value, so I can set it to 63 - 107 and have my mod wheel control volume, starting at 63, up to 107 full on.
Meter of Value In and Value out.

MIDI Pitch bend to CC

This converts Pitch Bend to CC.
1 invert. move PB min to 127, PB Max to 0.
2 Zero Value. My Pitch Bend is spring loaded to return to 64. This option allows moving the CC=0 up to 64. It automatically adjust the ratio for the remaining range, so no matter where CC=0 is, you can still bend up to CC=127.
3 Min and Max CC.
4 Meter for Value out.

MIDI CC to Pitch Bend

MIDI Velo to CC and CC to Velo

When sending Velocity to CC:
A note that is out of range, above Max Note or below Min Note, will send No CC.
A note's velocity that is out of range, above Max Vel or below Min, will send No CC.
When the generated CC is out of range, above Max CC, or below Min CC, the Max CC or Min CC will be sent.

When Sending CC to Velocity:
A note that is out of range, above Max Note or below Min Note, will send the original velocity.
A note Velocity that is out of range, above Max Vel or below Min Vel, will send the original Velocity.
The Min CC and Max CC act as limiters.
When a CC is below Min CC, the Min CC will be used for the Notes Velocity.
When a CC is above Max CC, the Mac CC will be used for the Notes Velocity.

MIDI Note to CC

This one converts notes to the channel/cc you wish.
It also has Center, Min, max for note in. Multiplier and Invert for Value Out. Auto generate with stepping between last and current CC value. And switch to shut off Original Message.

Audio Vol to CC

This script converts audio from selected channel 1 through 4 and converts the input to a CC. It can also Invert, Compress, Smooth. Option to use three meters for Current, Max, Min as controls for the range of CC output
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