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Default FX Dynamics

MCompressor clone
DJ Saint-Hubert

This should work like meldaproduction's mcompressor, except I also have an option to modulate the points/curves.

Liteon's JS plugins pack

* np1136: peak limiter
- fast attack and release, sidechain, detector highpass, gr limiter, program dependent mode, tone control, parallel compression etc, etc

UnPeak - Peak compressor/limiter using zero-crossings

The plugin limits peaks, and increases the overall loudness. Because it does not use attack/release scheme that most other compressor/limiters do, the resulting sound should be very, very transparent. It probably does its job best as the last effect in the chain on the master bus.
EDIT: After publishing this plugin someone pointed me to ZeroCrossingMaximizer, which does the same job, and it is already included with Reaper. However, my version now has some extra features, which you may like (or not).

my compressor: the axe murderer
jeff robertson

My compressor has no attack or release, it just kills peaks.
This is sort of a compressor, sort of a limiter, sort of a distortion effect. With the axe murderer, you don't pick a ratio you pick a threshold and a ceiling. The code calculates a ratio that will compress zero dBfs down to the chosen ceiling.
In soft mode, the effect is "all knee" (like the bundled soft clipper JS). At the threshold, the ratio actually used is 1:1. Between the threshold and "zero", the ratio increases linearly. At zero, the calculated ratio is actually used.

LOSER's DVC2JS GUI addition

GUI for for LOSER's excellent DVC2JS Digital Versatile Compressor.

New JS Limiter

It's basically very similar to my NULL Limiter (VST).
So what to use it for? - Just put it on the master instead of all other JS limiters . Seriously it's REALLY good (IMO) (and I haven't claimed that about my previous creations). Also I'm very much satisfied with this (which I also never really was with previous creations). I can't think of a single thing to change to improve it (well actually I can, though I won't give away the code for that).
So to sum it up ... I'd personally pick this limiter over any other freeware limiter out there, including the much loved W1 Limiter and also Baricade, EventHorizon.
DarkStar ... interesting, if true. . . . Inspired by ...

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