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Default MIDI FX

Mipressor - MIDI expander/compressor
Adam Fulara

Mipressor is a MIDI expander/compressor for changing dynamics range of MIDI instruments.

  • Linear - linear dependency: for LOW -> 1, for HI -> 127
  • Level - All notes louder: for HI and more -> 127, for less -> linear dependency
  • Knee - like linear, but you can change knee of dependency. Mouse-touchpad changes knee.
  • Learn - learn Mipressor levels: play louder and silent notes, then change to one of above options. Low and Hi will be equal to loudest and quietest notes played.
  • Bypass - bypass mode
  • Const - All notes the same level; mouse-touchpad changes volume.

Mipressor - MIDI expander/compressor
Adam Fulara

Mibrato is a LFO MIDI Vibrato effect with CC support (Hold pedal, Tap tempo), Mouse tap tempo, Tempo from grid, Pitch bend wheel support, 3 bend modes: bend up, down and centre, and visualization of the vibrato effect. It has special feature 6 channels for MIDI guitar vibrato pitchbends on 6 channels.

MIDI Delay_Pan

Called Delay_Pan, you can delay Audio/MIDI Pre-Post
Full control on each Audio channel.
Link is in whatsup's signature.

How to use:
  • put this plug the first on FX chain
  • set the delay mode - MIDI.
You can set
  • Pre (will play before other tracks)
  • Post (will play after other tracks)
-- set the delay amount
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