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Default Utilities

Midi Clocks
mbncp, Subz and Adam Fulara

Originally Posted by "mbncp”
This one has two options:
1) Start offset (see below)
Useful if you need to compensate for latency.

2) Start resolution (in beats)
If you set this slider to 4, it will wait until the beginning of the next bar before sending the start message(assuming you are in 4:4).
This gives some time to the other device to catch the proper tempo, plus it's necessary if you want a negative delay (start early).
Originally Posted by ”Subz”
this code that does loop correctly
Originally Posted by "Adam Fulara”
This is Midi clock with SPP, just load FX and set output to midi out connected to external device. If you need compensation, Ctrl+P, Midi devices -> Midi out ->Offset output to this device by:.... (I use -3ms).

IX SwixMitch GUI
IXix and argee

XSenderA and XReceiverA (beta)

Place XSenderA in any FX bin, put XReceiverA in any FX bin. Just be careful not to create a loop.
When you insert XSenderA, it will find the next free instance number. Each XSenderA needs its own instance number.
When you insert XReceiver in an FX bin, set the Instance number to the XSender Instance number you want to hear.


Two for experimenting with the 'innards' of Reaper
For testing the CPU use of various Reaper JS commands and things, and can be some kind of benchmark. Not that interesting for others than myself, when I made it, I guess, but, well, never know...

For testing various ways of inter-plugin communication, gmem, regs, via audio channels (and later, MIDI). multiple instances of this one, in various tracks, items, etc, and you (may) get a glimpse of what's going on internally here and there.
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