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New beta Here

We are pretty specific what we're looking for in terms of reports, there are some things that have sort of been left as is from the last beta, but what we are really looking for anyone with a slower machine, something like a Single core Pentium 4 2.8ghz or lower machine running Reaper. From the testing we have managed to do, so far Shred runs on every DAW and every type of machine, except the above. Slower machines + Reaper + Shred = BOOM!

Above a single core p4 2.8Ghz machine, it runs in reaper fine without problems and as expected..

Hopefully some of you can shed some light on this error because it is holding up the release AND the start of the development of Shred 2.0..

Those of you who have signed up for the Shred Pre-purchase, we should have already had a beta out for that, but we are stuck chasing the above bug. As soon as 1.5x is officially released, we'll be on Shred 2, and I would expect to see a VERY quick turnaround to the first Shred 2 beta...So sorry for the wait, but, Shred 2.0 will be built from the groundwork of Shred 1.5x, so we need to get it right in order to give us our strongest foot hold..

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