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I actually have the folder structure already, but, we don't have an agreement with them in place in order to provide official support. While I do understand what you're getting at, we no longer have the time left to implement it. I had petitioned them for an NFR many times, quite a while ago. I knew Redwirez was on board with their support, so, in fairness I offered the same opportunity to Recab. Nothing ever became of it, and we never received an NFR so we moved on.

In all reality it will cost us a week in development time to actually add that support in properly. So, wat I'm getting at is there are costs involved with that and we only have so much time to dedicate to it.

Its not like you can't still use Recab though, you just don't get the mic placement from sliding the mic...But natively, Shred still supports it 100% as part of its interface. Meaning you don't have to Navigate...

We'll see what happens when our Cabs go on sale, perhaps we'll add it then...I would expect to see them released to the beta testers and the Shred 2 pre-purchasers in the next week or so. We're throwing them in as part of the Pre-purchasers deal. Its not much but kind of a way of us saying thank you for the support..

I just noticed I did not post these images

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