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No thats a flaw that has already been fixed with later betas. I hope to have the final release by this weekend, but as soon as I can get the install finished I will release the latest beta to the public. Right now, It has been released internally as a rar file to our testers and pre-purchasers. Without a full install I don't want to release it to a public audience...

On a positive note however, since I'm already here...we managed to drop the CPU % to its lowest levels in the entire history of the Shred development..Including 1.01, 1.06, and all the 1.5x betas...
Its now at around 12.6%, the best we got to before was 13.5% or somewhere near that...And, I still think there is lots of room for further reduction as I have only half optimized...

Also to note that 12.6% CPU Usage is on a single core Pentium 4, 3 Ghz processor with 1 GB of ram(I believe its about 8 year old technology). So on some of the new quad cores, I can't really see the usage being anywhere above 3-4%. I don't actually know though, I am guessing at CPU Usage for quads...

Thanks for the heads up though Mabian..

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