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Ken, finally got a chance to play around with the latest Shred beta on a new song I'm working on.

I'm really digging the Mahakali head. It has a nice sweet clean warmth to it. Rings really well and cab impulses respond really well to it.

Very nice for cleans.

Edit: Ken, using the overdrive pedal with the Mahakali head really drops the volume a lot... like way below the clean level. I really like the clean sound of this head and I'm trying to get it to break up.

Edit again: Okay, got it. Switched from Old School to High Gain, put it on the DIRTY Channel, turned the Gain down super low, the level about 10 o'clock and the master cranked. Clean when playing nice, dirty and broken when playing hard. This head really responds nicely and realistically to player dynamics, Ken. Awesome looking head too...

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