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Thanks man...It has been, I guess about 6 months of discovery. If you remember we were going to release like 3 times, then at the last minute, either myself or someone else found a better way to do something, and well release is off.

The biggest and most happy change was the new tonestack, then the new upsampling.

For cleans, by far my Favorite head is Honken, then Quarter, The marvel is kinda nice too. Marvel is a flat sounding clean, whereas Honken is sort of all over the place all at once. Quarter is the same but with some extra mids.

Supersound is my generic 1970's feel and vibe. Stuff like Alright now, Old Aerosmith, Sabbath...That type of thing I use that head for.

Skull Job is like Ratt 80's kinda thing with extra mids...

MahaKali on the other hand is meant as an extreme in both directions, ultra modern in High gain mode, and ultra vintage in Vintage mode. You can even get the Rust never sleeps type sound from her...Like the amp is gonna blow up.

Anyways thanks man...All your past and hopefully future support is appreciated..
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