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That's right...before I got there they had already given up on the idea of "realtime" or even "faketime" jamming and the thing basically facilitated doing had a chat window that floated above the DAW and gave you controls (I programmed that part back on Mac OS 9) and you would lay down a track and it would magically appear in the other peoples' DAWs and they would lay one down and back it would come to you. It was DAW-neutral...people in the same session could use different DAWs, although they all had to support the toolkit.

I'm reading Justin's responses over on Gearslutz and I get the idea...Ninjam's for authentic jamming, where you just play the same rhythm and riff over it and maybe it goes through some odd psychedelic-era transitions and the whole group gets resynchronized. But everyone's listening and responding to what everyone else did a few seconds ago...

I guess this would create its own form of art and it's certainly interesting. I imagine listening to 1969-1970 Miles Davis would help get you in the mood for it. Although I wouldn't be surprised if most Ninjam users skip that and go straight for the bong! =) =) =)
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