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Default Astroidmist's Buggy Plugin List

As of Reaper v4.0 (August 12, 2011), VST(i) and DirectX plugins that seem to crash during scan/loading of types/names:

Beat Thang Virtual (v2.1.1, VSTi)
Cakewalk StudioVerb2 (DirectX effect)
Energy XT VSTi (v2.5.4)
FL Studio VSTi
FL Studio VSTi (Multi)
S1DXi.dll (Synth1 VST DirectX instrument)
TyrellN6 (VSTi by u-he)

ACE (Any Cable Everywhere) Demo VSTi had issues during first few scans, but then seemed to stop crashing.

Good luck with your troubleshooting.

At first I disabled VST getting of names/types to prevent crashes. I also totally disabled DirectX plugins and DirectX plugin scanning. Doing both of those allowed to at least get Reaper running past the splash screen. Then later on I enabled those one at a time and watched the scanning after initiating it.

Reaper v4 appears to freeze during the crashes, but it actually keeps running if you let it continue. Each time it crashes you can write down which one seemed to cause the crash.

I used AnalogX DX Man (DirectX Manager) to unregister the buggy DirectX plugins. Then I deleted them at their folder source so they wouldn't be loaded again.

To use DX Man, you drag the file onto it's window and respond to the pop-up window choices. You can register or unregister DirectX plugins that way. DirectX plugins need to be unregistered before their files are deleted.

After I removed both the buggy VST(i)'s and the buggy DirectX plugins, everything seemed to scan and load without troubles.

This is the first time I have successfully gotten Reaper to run since about version 2 when I first started testing Reaper.
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