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yeah rocket was play local then postand it was way too buggy, laggy and way before its time, as in the net bandwidth back then was too low for most.. It was worse than open source imo.

But NINJAM has some other things that are great for any musician in the way of it makes u a better musician listening and playing with others.

Its like having loads of great players come around and teach you how to play like them. :P

They got rocket in loads of software and it was good even though buggy, but the bandwidth back then just couldn't handle it.
Shame though.

But then doesn't Reaper + Ninjam do session mode now?
Also a lot of the more popular songs don't have many key changes in them, apart from the bridge and chorus which yeah it would be nice to do.
So many songs can be done, people just get writers block when its not there style or they'd played themselfs out.

But back to what you said peeer,
NINJAM is nothing like Res Rocker midi client or like Rocket Control. I think there is a midi client like res rocket, ejammer I think its called, but thats more like ninjam than res rocket or rocket control.
NINJAM is unique as it did what rocket couldn't, live streamed audio. We may get it 8 beats later but its live when it leaves and only 8 beats old when it arrives.

So I suppose NINJAM being first in what it does doesn't get in its way, it just leads the way.

Anyway thats my view on it, i'll quietly move over to that wall now to be stoned.

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