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Originally Posted by schwa View Post
It tests OK on Windows and Mac. But note that if you just copy the default config file, it won't appear in the list, because anything that starts with the word "default" is ignored.
I tried again and again, but I can only confirm again that it does not work here; my bug reports above still seem to be entirely accurate and correct. I'm using the default OSC config file (not a copy of it), as far as I can see everything works as expected, so that is not the problem. As far as I can see when printing all OSC output from REAPER to the console in Pure data, changing the slider value of the JS dummy plugin (or any parameter of any other plugin) that does output OSC messages conforming to the config file on the master track just fine simply does not send out the full range of those specified OSC messages when it is on any other track. None of the messages starting with /track work outside of the master track, only the ones starting with /lastfxparam.
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