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Another test, config file contains only this:
FX_NAME /fx/@/name /track/@/fx/@/name
FX_NUMBER /fx/@/number /track/@/fx/@/number
FX_BYPASS /fx/@/bypass /track/@/fx/@/bypass 
FX_BYPASS_TOGGLE /fx/@/bypasstoggle /track/@/fx/@/bypasstoggle
FX_PARAM_PAGE_NUMBER /fxparam/page
FX_PARAM_NAME /fxparam/@/name /fx/@/fxparam/@/name /track/@/fx/@/fxparam/@/name 
FX_PARAM_VALUE /fxparam/@/value /fx/@/fxparam/@/value /track/@/fx/@/fxparam/@/value
FX_PARAM_VALUE_STRING /fxparam/@/paramval /fx/@/fxparam/@/paramval /track/@/fx/@/fxparam/@/paramval
When changing plugin parameters on any track except track 0, no OSC comes out at all (while it works perfectly when using all the /lastfx and /lastfxparam lines from the default config file). Seriously, it's broken like I said. :P
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