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Default Request


Since OSC can send 4 values per message could you please add support for it?
Something like this /track/@,@,@,@/fx/@,@,@,@/fxparam/@,@,@,@/value
It would allow for some really flexible control. One message could control 4 separate parameters in the same FX or across multiple FX, and even across multiple tracks. Example of a message set to REAPER might look something like this...,
/track/1,1,1,1/fx/1,1,1,1/fxparam/1,2,3,4/value 1.0,0.5,1.0,0.333
No use letting that extra bandwidth go to waste.
The possibilities and flexibility OSC offers is so exciting.

Thank you

Note: Just thought I'd update this.., I guess each message can handle 16 separate values.

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