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I don't know if it is related to previous reply from Anton9 but in the lemur there is multislider that send different value for the same parameter, for example if i want that a 4 slider control the sends from a track i setup the reaperOSC file like this:
TRACK_SEND_VOLUME /mixer/send@/x@ , here is the result:
/mixer/send1/x [ffff] 0.666667 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000
it's the same for /x only and it doesn't control the send volume.
I have try different method without success. It seems to me that the Lemur syntax is different than the TouchOSC one.
For example here is my Lemur.ReaperOSC to control volume, pan and receive name and number of tracks
TRACK_NAME /mixer/Text@/content
TRACK_VOLUME_STRING /mixer/DB@/content
TRACK_NUMBER /mixer/numb@/content
TRACK_PAN /mixer/pan@/x
TRACK_PAN_STRING /mixer/panval@/content
TRACK_SEND_VOLUME /mixer/send@/x@
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