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Hi, Im new here, just trying reaper. Nice impressive list of features. It looks very stable. Im tryng to load the infinite list of plugins i have in my hardisk.
I know, it happens with any host, not all VST plugins works in all hosts/setups. Im wondering how reaper manage this, if any log file is created. I load my vst folder path, and in a given vst fx reaper crash. I suppose i must locate the evil dll, and move it. Beyond that, i like the way Tracktion manage this trouble. Like reaper, it dont like some plugins. But, if it crash while searching, the evil plugin is listed in an exclusion list, and is not taken in count for tracktion, so, you dont need to move the dll. If Tracktion crash while scanning, the next startup, it will continue from the point it crashed, excluding the bad plugin.
Well, can be a good idea some kind of exclusion list to avoid move some dll that works in other host.

Keep up the hard work, the program is a good one!
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