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Damn I loved Rocket network. Tim seemed a bit down after that, or was that a mistaken impression?

Anyway.. NINJAM is different enough to feel like something that isn't just copying Digital Musician or Rocket (which is always good!) - it just needs to get out of that seperate window and onto the REAPER timeline now IMO.. although maybe then people would suggest it is copying!

My number one request right now is for a way to see where remote material has arrived (green).. or is being recorded but has yet to arrive (red) so you have a better idea what's going on at the other end.

I imagine this could actually take the form of a thin line similar to Premiere/Final Cut Pro "unrendered" lines just above the ruler, or as a solid block in a track space.

At the moment it's a surprise when you move the playback position around and hear new audio.. a nice surprise if you're just having some fun, but obviously not the best when collabing on a track to a tight deadline!

Rocket rocked.. but yes it was ahead of it's time especially in bandwidth terms!

I'd say you should be proud to have been a part of it peeder! Were you a coder?
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