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Heya Peeder. I lived on ResRocket / Rocket Network from beta 1 through death's door. Were you at the San Fransisco office? I was out there in (I think) 1998 for work and spent an afternoon hanging out with Willy and Girlie. Those were fun times :-)

This is definitely a different animal from Rocket, but I think session mode may start to get closer to what was great about Rocket which to me was being able to do production quality session work globally. For all it's faults it was amazing to be able to do full on global music production remotely. NINJAM is great for immediate gratification, but I'm interested in seeing if the REAPER functionality expands to more offline collaboration on completed arrangements for final production work. If it can do this, use lossless compression and export to somthing like OMF that Pro Tools can eat, then this could get really interesting...

Take care and good luck!
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