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Originally Posted by X-Raym View Post
If you want to help this project get back on track, you contribute by writing more detailed bug reports,

  • Which ones ?
  • How are they broken ? Wrong Colors ? No actions at all ?
  • What are the steps to reproduct the error ?
  • Can you please paste an animated screenshot ? False report (where the error come from a misconfiguration made by the user) is still possible
  • What is your exact config (OSX Version, REAPER version, SWS version)
You have to write that on the GitHub Issues forum which is the Bug Tracking system of the project, aka where a SWS contributor will look to see active bugs.

This is one way to help future devs to help you back. Thanks for your consideration.
Why, nobody is working on it, there is no point sending bug reports if nobody is reading them.
You seem to think if users keeping struggling to use these with newer releases of Reaper, as more and more things stop working, and send reports, that some magic will happen and a developer will pop in to existence that will fix it all.
This is not the case, more and more breaks in SWS with every OS update or Reaper update (The OSX color issue is caused by OSX having a new color picker that is not supported by SWS)
Reaper scripters, that is all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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