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Depending on what you are using for your drum sounds it could be velocity that manages the switch, and if that's the case altering velocity is easy enough.

It could also be randomization doing it, and that is not so easy to work with. A long time ago I used some DW drum samples in Superior Drummer 1 and the snare had one way too ringy sample that would show up unexpectedly in projects. In my case it was that randomization was on. Even though I use a set of V-Drums when recording midi drums, I was still using the randomize function to make each hit be varying samples. I had to disable randomize on the sample pools and only use alternating L/R samples.

The last place you might find it is in polyphonic pressure. Some drum pads/modules transmit poly pressure for positioning, or cymbal chokes. I would look in the event list view to see if anything like that is in your data.
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