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Originally Posted by HDWind View Post
Thank you very much for the new version and the added innovations.

I found dificulty in work process, in new version.
Example: If I first click on the playback in the reaper, and then move any band in the equalizer.
Onward, then does not work playback through a spacebar, on the keyboard.
The focus of the window changes and the hot keys stop working.

If I pressed the spacebar to play in the reaper, nothing happens.
In previously version (19th May 2019), everything was normal and playback always worked.
Please fix it.
Thanks for the feedback. I wondered if this would come up.

I changed ReEQ so that it gets all keyboard input when it has focus. This is in anticipation of adding numeric text field entry for values. The problem is that there's no facility to send the keypress back to Reaper if the JSFX doesn't use it.

I can set this back to how it was. The downside is that if I add text field input in the future you'll never be able to enter SPACE. It'll start/stop playback rather than be entered in the text field.
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