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Originally Posted by nitsuj
I changed ReEQ so that it gets all keyboard input when it has focus.
Please back this process.
I would not want to lose this convenience, in work.

Originally Posted by nitsuj
The downside is that if I add text field input in the future you'll never be able to enter SPACE.
That's all right, I am ready to go on such a small inconvenience.

By the way, an idea appeared, how to catch two rabbits...))
When will you add text field input in the future,
as an option, you can add a space key in the exception.
For example, the activation of a simple space will be carried out through alternative key combinations.
"ALT+Spacebar"; "CTR+Spacebar" or "SHIFT+Spacebar" (any combination choice).
How do you think, alternative combinations for spacebar can be implemented?
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