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Default Theres midi synch??????

Originally Posted by benbakelaar
can the MIDI sync trigger an 8 measure sequence *on* the NINJAM downbeat, or just the next beat?
Er... Are you trying to tell me that theres midi synch built in to this thing???? Can somebody explain this??? If I take a midi out of my comp when Ninjam is running do I get midi clock at the ninjam bpm... OH MY GOD, WHY DINT ANYONE TELL ME????

We at just had a festival in Santa Cruz, where there was one live player and 2 ninjammers from around the world... it ROCKED... in a somewhat non rocking and loopy way.. but Im sure NONE of these looping geeks, myself included were actually SYNCHED!!! WE JUST ROLLED ALONG!!!

Im obsessed with synch and this is new to me...

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