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Default how to sync with software

being that i mostly use samplers and sequencers, i wanted to find a way to jam with them on ninjam. so, solution 1, run your software on computer 1, and run the headphone jack to the mic jack on computer 2 which is running your ninjam client. i tried running the software on computer 2 and using "waveout" (windows client) but that seemed to re-route the ninjam stream itself back.

the problem i encountered with a simple drum beat sequencer is the sync. i can push play to the best of my hearing ability on the 1 click of ninjam metronome, but after 30-60 secs you can obviously hear that it is not in sync. this problem, as far as i can see, will apply to any sequencer. if i had real physical equipment, i could imagine ninjam somehow using midi to trigger/start the sequence. but for software, i'm at a loss...

i will mainly be using FLstudio 4, if anyone knows any other software that is more feature-rich or compatible with some protocol that will solve this problem, let me know! thanks!
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