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We use software and hardware to sync to the metronome, it's tricky at first but it's like spinning records... just match the beat and walla! I like to use AbletonLive (software) for this because you can select the tempo box and press up/down (& shift up/down) on your keyboard to get the tempo back on when it seems off.

I'd imagine Ninjam will soon have a MIDI sync feature that will start a Clock signal to send to your soft/hardware.

I haven't ran into trouble were the Ninjam metronome and the hardware or software has become out of sync unless there is a 'drop' in the signal coming from the Ninjam server - I'm thinking this has something to do with bandwidth because it stops when users or myself stop transmitting more than 2+ channels.

- Oh, I don't think it's wise to be running Headphone outputs to Mic inputs on your sound card. Use the [Line In] on your sound card (assign it to Ninjams Input) and use the regular Output on your sampler/mixer/external hardware. Then assign Ninjams Output to your [Line Out] (or which ever jack your speakers are plugged into).
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