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Originally Posted by EvilDragon View Post
Well, you know, when "the big guys" actually get to an agreement about how OMF should look and behave (because it doesn't really transfer perfectly between various DAWs which even support OMF natively), maybe only then it would be a good idea.

Till then, just use AA Translator.
The big guys aren’t going to be doing anything like that soon. They’ve been relying on a 32-bit DLL called “omfToolkit.dll” from Avid to do the dirty work. And afaik [maybe Runaway might know] no one has recompiled it for 64-bit applications; which is why all the new 64-bit applications no longer support OMF.

If OMF isn’t dead already it will probably die when 32-bit applications die.

Unless - of course, somebody does something.
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