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If there's going to be another OMF import plugin that helps some folks, that's a good thing.

I don't expect Cockos to ever dive in to this for dozens of very simple reasons. There are dozens of different OMF flavours. And of AAF files as well.

And the post production folks like myself, keep all the companion apps we require or can get our hands on in our pocket, ready for use.

A lot of folks I know keep Pro Convert/SSL, AVTransfer(ancient but handles some flavours others don't) and AATranslator at hand. That's in addition to native import capabilities that Nuendo, Pyramix, Protools and Sequoia offer. Then there's the companion stuff for reconforming to picture cuts or reassembling sessions from on-set-reference-mix tracks of production sound, like Titan, Assemblerator or Conformalizer.

None of those hosts cover every base, and companion tools are often more flexible and quicker to react to user needs. So I welcome another plugin that further improves coverage for Reaper users with a plugin or through improvements to AATranslator, or whatever else may come.

But why should Cockos do it. They've got so many other things to do. Of course, improving whatever one can do with their API is always a good thing. I would certainly encourage anyone to directly contact them about helping you to improve how people can expand Reapers functionality.
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