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No, it's not a Russian Windows edition.

The problem is I shouldn't post any links. I can tell you that the full name of the torrent file is "windows 7 ultimate sp1 64 bit lite v7 by nil" and it's 1.28GB big. This should be enough, I think. [...try kat dot cr]

I recommend Debian and Ubuntu distributions with MATE desktop environment. Specifically Debian "Jessie" with MATE - that's what I use. But the entertaining thing about Linux is finding a distribution and desktop environment that you like, isn't it? However, if you're a Linux novice, you are better off with Debian MATE or Ubuntu MATE, as they're both easier to handle in my experience which is *not much* with Linux. Only 3 years. I haven't tried Manjaro, for example. The community around Debian and Ubuntu distros is very helpful. Linux Mint with MATE could also be good. I had not so good experiences with Mint distro, but that was around 2 years ago, and even MATE was more than a bit buggy at the time, so I used Xfce desktop environment until Debian "Jessie" got released last year, and MATE 1.12. These two are a very good and reliable combination!

You don't need to bother with security much in Linux, until Linux becomes used on a massive scale, of course. I do use a firewall, very simple one called "ufw". You can read about it here: Regardless what this article says [it looks complicated eh? ] it is very simple to install it and use it. In fact, it is already enough to install it and enable it, as it blocks all incoming connections by default, but you're free to configure it more securely and according to your needs, of course. This article will help you with that. I also installed an antivirus called ClamAV, but I haven't used it/needed it yet.

Goodnight, thank you, and may your God go with you.

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