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Merci X-Raym,

I understand scope of the undertaking. Since your reply, I have looked around and found... RealGuitar which enable outputing of MIDI signal via the virtual fretboard!
Voilà, j'ai trouvé un "workaround" quand même très fonctionnel.
The neat feature is that it outputs the string number to a channel number too. Though not as readable as a guitar tab, the fretboard also displays notes on playback which is useful in playing, practicing and later recording my compositions.

Edit: Also found MIA (Midi Input Assistant) which is excellent but only for Ableton.

Edit 2: Alas, (in Reaper) when setting "Record MIDI output" in the TCP or MCP, RealGuitar's Fretboard output does work when recording in real-time, but does not in step recording.

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