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A room being untreated doesn't tell us enough, since a room could need a little treatment, a ton, or simply be an impossible place to record vocals in. But one thing is for sure: if the room is having a negative effect on the vocals nothing will change that more than barely except for making the room stop doing it. A different mic may pick up less of the offensive aspect of the room due to its pickup pattern, but you wouldn't buy a different mic as the solution to a bad sounding room. If you already have a functioning mic spend $75 on materials to treat the room and you've negated the need to buy a new mic that picks up less of the ugly room. And then you have a better sounding room : )

And while there are many free plugins that can be used nicely in a vocal fx chain, since they would be eqs and dynamics (compressors, limiters, etc) plugins, which Reaper gives you as part of the program, there's no reason to skip them and go searching elsewhere. ReaEQ and ReaComp are perfectly fine, and if you want to look for more flavors of eq and compression you don't really need to look any further than the wonderful JS plugins, also included in Reaper. The Reaper plugins are found in the Cockos category in the fx browser and the JS ones are in the JS category.

I love third party free plugins and use them all the time, but for a beginner learning to use the tools they open a door that might not help anything until you get comfortable with the basics of using the versions of the same functions that are right here in Reaper.
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