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Originally Posted by Magicbuss View Post
I agree that condenser mics can actually work AGAINST a bedroom recordist because they are Soooo sensitive compared to dynamics. Thats why you see the SM7 being reccommended so often as a first vocal mic. Its a better 57 and much more suited to bad acoustic spaces.

Thats said its not too difficult to setup a make shift vocal booth using several packing blankets and some spare mic stands to hang them on.
Ah yes, the SM7. I 'm not fond of what it does to my voice, but it's highly personal. For metal (and I assume Metallicaguy does metal) it's a great vocal mic. Puts your vocals up front and center. You need a really good preamp to drive it though.. Your generic off the mill 2 in 2 out interface generally doesn't have the preamps to drive that thing without introducing a lot of hiss.

PLUGINS, right!

After you have a good singer, a good singing booth (yup, blankets and lots of laundry will do the trick) we can talk about effects.

I actually use reacomp as my go-to compressor. the "modern vocal" preset is a good starting point.

I also use the dirt-cheap TB essentials suite for my vocals. They're basically the reaplugs with nicer GUIs.

My vocal template is: reatune (when I'm lazy) -> TB de-ess ->reacomp->TB EQ->TB module (that's a delay. Gotta have delay for vocals, even if it's inaudible in the mix.) I then route it to an FX bus where my reverb sleeps.
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