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Default "bypass underlying envelope outside AI" is ignored by AI Glue, Create New AI

"bypass underlying envelope outside of AI" should render the underlying envelope functionally non-existent.

however, the "glue AI" action references the underlying envelope instead of the AI points:

1: draw envelope
2: bypass underlying envelope
3: create 2 AI on either side of previously drawn envelope
4: glue them
5: issue: bypassed envelope is referenced for Glue, points are taken from bypassed envelope
Expected behavior: AI should be glued and a segment/line should be created between the endpoint of the first AI and the startpoint of the last AI.

similarly, "create new AI" overtop a bypassed envelope references the bypassed envelope.

1: draw envelope
2: bypass underlying envelope
3: create an AI where you'd drawn an envelope
4: issue: AI is created from the points you drew earlier, rather than an AI with an envelope at current param position (expected).


note that these issues present when a user is working exclusively with envelopes in the form of discrete AI. all underlying envelopes are disabled here, and i want to join these 2 AI into 1 volume curve -- but i get a ghost point from where they didn't quite overlap.

please help us by supporting a workflow where the "underlying envelope" is functionally non-existent in space not occupied by AI.
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