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Originally Posted by babag View Post
thanks again for this, jack. it almost fits my situation exactly. following the tips got jack running well. have yet to test deeply but so far looks fine.

here's another question: now that i've passed a couple of hurdles, i get the impression that i can use carla to run plugins for reaper. does anyone have links to instructions on how to do this? is it possible to use carla to assign track plugins? item plugins? or are they applied to the main outs? most of what i've found so far seems to assume more familiarity than i currently have.

thanks again,
Hi, Carla should have a 'rack' version that is a linux native vst
which can be loaded on a track, and then use the Carla hosting
procedures to load lv2 plugins, and maybe other formats that
Carla can use.

Here's a nice magazine article on the topic:

I've used it at times to host guitarix
and some other nice lv2's. Some things in Carla which were defaults
until recently, have now been changed to options, to facilitate faster developement, with changes including some plugin support,
so you may have to take a few extra steps to reach your goals.
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