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I spent literally months agonizing over exactly what hardware to buy for my new machine... to the point of probably losing it a bit. I am a total computer geek and like to think I know what I am doing with computers.

My computers are all generations of 'Gigabot'. His current incarnation is Gigabot 3, and here are his parts and prices I paid December 2013:

Cherry G83-6105LPQGB-2 Slim Line Wi £14.33
Lycom PE-101 2 Port Firewire 1394a £20.38
Silverstone SG08B USB 3.0 Sugo SFF £152.50
Pioneer DVR-TD11RS Slim 8x DVD±R, 8 £18.13
Noctua NH-L12 Low Profile High Perf £43.67
Intel Core i7 4770S, 1150, Haswell, £223.40
Asus H87I-PLUS, Intel H87, S 1150, £89.84
120GB Samsung 840 EVO SATA III Basi £76.94

I am using an Audiofire 4 into a Benchmark DAC1, getting the right TI chipset for the firewire was very important.

I nearly got a 100% fanless silent system, but changed my mind at the last moment. This was a great decision as Gigabot 3 is nearly totally silent anyway. I got the 4770S to make sure the CPU did not get too hot and force the case fan to speed up. That plan totally worked It never leaves the slowest speed even at max CPU.

If anyone attempts the same build note that the Noctua NH-L12 needs the alternative method of mounting it and you must get a SATA+Molex to Mini SATA Power & Data cable to attach the DVD-ROM.

I did a radio show co-hosted with Gigabot 2, if you like electronic music you will love it

I have an external 2TB USB3 drive and use Pathsync every night to backup my SSD. Never trust any drive not to fail, however great the brand. It WILL fail one day, be ready!
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