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Originally Posted by David Else View Post
I spent literally months agonizing over exactly what hardware to buy for my new machine... to the point of probably losing it a bit.
This sounds familiar, I was doing the same...but for about 5 years, lol. Plan a setup, adjust to the diminishing budget until there's no point (too small changes vs. the price). Wait half a year and do the same all over again and again. This year I was finally able to do the complete system change and am happy about it. I managed to bypass few CPU generations and two OSses, so the jump was pretty radical.

Originally Posted by David Else View Post
I got the 4770S to make sure the CPU did not get too hot and force the case fan to speed up. That plan totally worked It never leaves the slowest speed even at max CPU.
I was planning on the same move, but went for the 4770k in the end. The price difference here was just 20€ and I wanted to maximize the performance potential within my budget. I haven't done any real stress tests yet, but in regular use I have the case fans set to the lowest voltage (Fractal Design Define R4) and the temps hover around +30C. Just a bit of low hum audible in a silent room, if sitting next to the tower.
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