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Capturing a screenshot, on a Windows 7 PC:
  • once you have the desired window displayed, select it,
  • press Alt+PrtScn on your keyboard,
  • in Windows 8.1, hold down the Windows key (four panes key) and press PrtScn,
  • open Microsoft Paint (or similar),
  • Ctrl+v to paste the window into MS Paint,
  • edit / trim / annotate it as needed,
  • Ctrl+s to save it to disk
Capturing a screenshot animation, on a Windows PC:
  • once you have the desired Reaper window displayed, start Licecap,
  • position it over the area you can to capture,
  • click [Record], select a destination folder and enter a file name,
  • set any desired options,
  • click [Save] to start the recording, and [Stop] to finish it,
  • you can also Pause the recording and insert an explanatory text frame.
Including a screenshot in your reply
  • upload it to an Image Server (e.g. imgur or ...),
  • paste the resulting link to your image, surrounded by "[IMG]" and "[/IMG]" tags (no quotes), into your reply,
  • or post a thumbnail image, with a link to the big picture into your reply.
Please note: Big pictures in forum threads force out the width of the thread pages so a lot of scrolling horizontally is needed to read the other replies, find the links and type a reply. It's all a bit awkward. Animated gifs can take a long time to download.

Instead, it is better to post a thumbnail image and a link to the bigger picture; that makes reading and replying easier. As an example, using (other image servers should have similar mechanisms):
  • upload your image to ,
  • hover over the uploaded image until you see the URL, a [Copy] button and a drop-down arrow,
  • click on the arrow and select "Get share links", here are the sorts of screens you should see:

  • click [Copy] for the "BBCode (Forums)" link for the uploaded image. then Ctrl+c,
  • paste it into your post AND ADD A 't' to the image filename to create a thumbnail-sized image,
  • paste in the link (to the full-size picture) again AND REMOVE the IMG tags to create a link.
As in:
PHP Code:
[img][/img] >>> 
The end result is:

Attaching a screenshot to your reply

Attach the image file(s) (or a .zip file containing them all) to your reply:
  • in Windows, select the file(s),
  • right-click a file, select Send To ... compressed (Zipped) folder),
  • when you reply, scroll down a bit, open the "Additional Options" section if needed by clicking the double downwards arrows,
  • click on [Manage Attachments], browse to your file, select and Upload it.
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