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Originally Posted by Aymara View Post
But in Yosemite deactivating the spyware features works, in Win 10 it doesn't.
It doesn't work in OSX either. Unless you manually disable certain kexts. And these get reenabled after every system update. It's somewhat less aggressive, but basically the same.

El Capitan is a disaster again, causing tons of incompatibilities. These yearly upgrades are a nightmare!
No it isn't. Yosemite was far worse. The only problem now is old software. Old kexts that no longer get loaded. If they are part of a framework, other parts might start loading and fail, sometimes with a system crash as a result. That's something Apple can't test for.

Ubuntu showed, that it's just a matter of time, until the only way to stay safe is to stay offline .... privacy is lost everywhere, even on Linux.
In Linux, it's systemd that is obfuscating every entry and exit to the kernel, network... Fortunately, there's still BSD.

Not astonishing, when the sheeps are crying "we have nothing to hide", when they walk to the shambles. But I'm shocked, that even experts don't discuss risks for enterprise IT.
There's no ROI on security. IT professionals have been silenced by the share holders. And we know who they are...
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