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Originally Posted by schwa View Post
What bugs were introduced in 5.26 or 5.27?
I do not know if any new bugs were introduced by REAPER's new features, but several (probably older) bugs were discovered.

Comparing the v5.25 Bestiary with this thread, I find the following newly discovered bugs (I may have missed a few):

Multi-channel MIDI editing
"Draw/edit CC events" mouse modifier buggy in multi-channel situations
"Edit CC events" mouse modifier buggy in multi-channel situations
"Move CC event on one axis only" mouse modifier buggy in multi-channel situations
Shorter (lower-valued) CC events are hidden behind taller (higher-valued) CC events

Mouse modifiers and editing actions
"Linear ramp CC events" does not work in velocity lane "MIDI CC event" context
"Adjust value for events (mousewheel/...)" does not work on Pitch

Tempo envelopes
Tempo marker on first beat of region does not move with region
Gradual tempo changes: gridline display/snapping and envelope pasting issues
Inserting new tempo point changes value of envelope at point

Lyrics don't work on 16th notes
Lyrics bug when note stretches past middle of measure
After editing lyrics several times, sometimes they can't be deleted

Creation of zero-length notes
Zero-length notes created when swapping MIDI Editor view or closing/re-opening MIDI item

Quantization (macro scale)
When just opened, Quantize window shows "Triplet", but "Straight" is applied

Midi note name files not merging
Editing item length in MIDI editor is buggy when the item length is shorter than 1/4 note and item properties are set to "loop item source"
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