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Originally Posted by karbomusic View Post
It is more valuable for those users who are genuinely interested, especially when they are trying to compile an organized list (as evidenced by the OP's statement and this thread) how that decision is made and what the terms actually mean. Of course one has the right to remain ignorant of everything behind the curtain but the OP doesn't seem to be someone who wishes to exercise that right; hence the reason I provided 'them' the info.
You're a smart fellow, but you're pretty deep into the cult and it somehow fogs your vision.

Every user who ever reports a bug is genuinely interested, compared to dozens or hundreds or thousands of those who encounter the same bug, but

a) know it's pointless
b) don't care
c) switch DAW

Cockos is no different from MS, Steinbeg, Adobe or Avid. Commercial enterprises. Do you think Adobe expect their users to keep bug logs for them, or compile lists of neglected bug reports?
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