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Originally Posted by noise_construct View Post
You're a smart fellow, but you're pretty deep into the cult and it somehow fogs your vision.
I'm describing how commercial enterprises have to deal with it internally and some users *are* interested in that. I can appreciate your reference to other companies since that process I described is decades old and used by every one of them including reaper, so it really has nothing to do with how I feel about Reaper or fog or cult or vision - it's just how the process works - Some like to know that, others don't - nothing more.

Do you think Adobe expect their users to keep bug logs for them, or compile lists of neglected bug reports?
^Of course not but it is off topic and irrelevant to my original post. I think you're projecting compared to my simply helping a member understand how bugs/feature requests get evaluated internally. That's really all there is to it - how do they get evaluated - the answer is academic so if someone happens to be compiling a list and categorizing them, that knowledge may be helpful to 'them'. Your idea that I'm somehow placing the onus on end-users is completely missing the idea presented not to mention false.

I'll leave it be for now because this debate probably doesn't belong in this thread.
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