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In most cases a Live performance features a Mixer. Nowadays such mixers mostly are digital and feature a (USB) multi channel output you can plug your PC to and run Reaper for recording.

A friend of mine uses a Behringer X32 for Live mixing and USB recording works perfectly with this.

For small Live jobs, I use a Behringer XR18 for mixing (with a tablet as a remote control). This is not really nice for mixing, but USB recording works perfectly. Normally I use the XR18 as the center of my tiny recording studio driving the monitors for the musicians and for multi channel recording via USB (up to 18 channels). In fact the XR18 is a very decently priced audio interface with additional mixing features.

Do you want to take a computer with you just for recording ? Many digital mixers (AFAIK, e.g. the X32) are able to do multi track recording recording on a USB stick (or external drive) without additional equipment.


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