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Not too much I can add to the above comments.

For myself:
Interface(s) with enough I/O
Mac with Reaper
portable control surface consisting of iPad + midi controllers for real faders running over wi-fi (No FOH. No snake. Stage is home base and I can roam.)

For the small club on a budget with computer/digital challenged folks that will NOT ever learn to use a computer or anything digital no matter what even if it's simpler to operate:
Soundcraft 22MTK
It's a combo analog board with a 22x22 audio interface built in. Plug it into your laptop with USB and record multitrack.

Cyrano's suggestion above (RME + ADA8200's) sounds interesting. Those B-word products are the newer Midas/Behringer line and have Midas mic pres. Appears to have the clock connections and sync options you need too.
Edit: Maybe I spoke too soon? Looks like just a single word clock connection! That would limit you to two of these units with word clock. Unless you did clock over the digital audio connection (ADAT inputs).

The X32 rack is a decent amount of bang for the buck too (also with Midas pres). And its built-in mixer is very capable. Not just a simple cuemix mixer. And they already have a very well done OSC setup dialed in for the iPad. That's a lot for $900. If I were to get sucked into doing live sound more often I might still pick one of these up.

If you go with multiple interfaces, do yourself a favor and make sure they all have word clock I/O. You don't want to try sync'ing clock over the data connection (USB) for an aggregate device configuration for a live situation.

Tip of the day (for live sound ITB):
48k sample rate is still usually the sweet spot for lowest latency with lowest CPU use. (44.1k doesn't save any CPU time and is higher latency at the same block size. 96k crosses the line and takes more processing power.)

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